Your dip pen inked the blank sheet  Your hand, I couldn’t see!…   One black, wet, wavy, long beat   My sigh lent… silently…Your name   Blessed caligraphy! Not really the same,   But my soul knows you!   I saw the dip and got the notion,  and felt the satisfying motion…   A single wave in a wide ocean  Was riding quietly .

  Let’s Talk, Yes talk about what? Me! Talk about how much  I have succeed, Talk about how much I achieved, Talk about what I don’t really need.   Why Talk about me, You are already doing it without me, So why not try it with me. Yes me! What’s so funny can’t you see am trying to being friendly   Just for free we both can share whatever you want all about me So what’s it going to be, You and me Talking abut me Or you just going to let me be. Do something fun for real if you really want to have a gossip really Talk about me.   Talk about what you wish you really have achieve Or what you wish you could really be, Talk about how much better your life could have been if you wasn’t  Talking about ME……      

Damn you for trying your hardest to harm the heart that I had begged to belong to you. Your games tear at me more and more And I’m left with open bandages and outstretched arms Still waiting foolishly waiting for the day the you hurt me one last time. I know who you’ll run to when the rest burns down. I am the most help your worn out heart could hope to find But it isn’t my place to tell you so. “Why do you do this to yourself?” “At least you know what to expect” Everyone has something different to say,  But the they all mean the same thing. They don’t get it It’s not the love that I want Not the attention The pain The heartache. I don’t want any of that, I only want you and all of my being is so blinded by you. Can’t see two feet in front of myself, Not sleeping, Can’t eat. Do you really think this is what I want? You are poisonous But I am determined to be just the antidote you need. “This time it’s different” I’ll pretend that’s not the hundreth time I’ve muttered those lies. We all know it won’t be the last, But I hope to find love within my optimism.  I hope to find you and I In a very well deserved happily ever after. 

They grow up as Daddy’s big boy and as Mommy’s little angel, Innocence all so angelic, every single little girl. Though it seems that every angel has a place in the sky, Many harsh realities leave people tearing at the eye. All throughout the world these little girls are often at risk, The inevitable chance in which they’ll end in the abyss. Millions falling victim every year, the worst of any crime While to save a kidnapped child is a race against time. Some are kidnapped for their labor, others worse to fit the bill. Either way, this trafficking is always done against their will. Luckily, attempts are being made to slow this evil down. Governments and organizations arriving town-by-town. If we strengthen laws and policies, they’ll impact life for sure. More protection and prevention for the children we adore. Child labor laws will parallel our law enforcement drive. Every ounce of effort will improve our future as we thrive. Education and healthcare that they need will help as well, Safety in communities to aid where our children dwell. If we work as one, in time we’ll see a better, safer place. Where we’ll smile back to little smiles planted on their face.   © Shenita Etwaroo

Beautiful Thinking (My own Eunoia) Sydney Winram         “The evidence is the only spoken conclusion.”     The bottle is full The mind is stravage[1]. Lotus-eaters[2] live inside The spacegrace[3] lives in space. Both seamlessly excoriated from time The flowers oscitancy[4] leaves the alien restless   The two get too spoony and frighten the procrustean[5] They all are startled by the calliopean’s[6] arrogance to ignorance His arrogant voice shatters the bottle leaving mother whiffler[7] indecisive The now inspired troglodyte[8] throws broken glass into the eyes of the lotus Now the mosquito whiffler’s mind gasps and begins paralogizing[9] The ludicrous juggernaut[10] walks in deeming the minds to ash The scapegrace ballast comes down to cloudland[11] The lotus is blinded by dark space The whiffler is dead   The mind has been given a fleeting bit of ataraxia[12]   Parergon’s[13] unite to unravel the death of their dear friend Obdurate[14] defenses take place within the mind. Laicism’s[15] mediate against the juggernauts uncontrolled banter Ignominiously[16] fought battles within the mind.   Tyros[17] become aghast when viewing the evidence Immuration[18] is the only spoken conclusion Cataclysm[19] threatened the wavering means of cause and affect Solipsists [20] and sociopaths come together   Now, Think with an open mind.   Who is the killer?               [1] Stravage- To wander aimlessly [2] Lotus-eater – a person who leads a life of dreamy, indolent ease, indifferent to the busy world; daydreamer.   [3] Scapegrace- A complete rouge or rascal; a habitually unscrupulous person [4] Oscitancy- inattentive, negligent; lazy [5] procrustean- tending to produce conformity by violent or arbitrary means [6] Calliopean- a calliope in sound; piercingly loud [7] Whiffler- a person who frequently shifts opinions, attitudes, interests or evasive in an argument [8] Troglodyte- a person of degraded, primitive or brutal character. 2- a person unacquainted with affrairs of the world [9] Paralogizing- To draw conclusions that do not follow logically from a given set of assumptions [10] Juggernaut- any larger, overpowering, destructive…

I took this image at my rock bottom.

There is an extent, to how far I fall, blinded by hurt, I take it all.   There is no excuse, to how fast I fall, open eyed by alert, I feel so small.   It was you who lept, for you I’m falling, never again to reach the heights once touched, but to glisten in the darkness.

The Light The light looms in the distance,Taunting the soul of every personReach as you wish but it’s never to be reached Just as it’s in your grasps, it’s gone.As you hope for the futureThe light stares you right in the faceLaughing at your every mistake As it moves further away.The unobtainable happinessThe hope to achieve, just vanishesAnd you’re stuck in the same place. Reaching for it but never reaching it. The light drills right into your soulThe endless yearning that will never subside Until you realize there is no pointNo point in hoping for the future. Your hopes change,You change, we all changeAs we do the light gets further awayAnd slips right from our graspJust as you think you’ve got it It’s vanished and it’s goneThe unobtainable hopeIs never to be reached.

You live,  smoking away the whispers that scratch among your  shadowed walls. Breathing in the burnt ash, feeling what is no longer you– living within an altered reality, becoming a half you– a you that can no longer be you.   And I watched, admiring the tranquility I saw you obtain for once– silencing a pounding darkness you fear will consume you. I watched. But I began to witness a state  you never wished to exit– a reality that made you succumb to a substance day after day until you were a perpetual half life who believed himself whole. A brain tricked by the lies of  logic slanted through intoxication and ensured by the devil beckoning from within, clothed in a glowing gown– promising answers and euphoria that dissipates once your feet finally touch the ground and sobriety claims your weakenend frame once more.   And while you feel empty because the gleaming man swore, you fill the trench  growing wider and more barren each day– blowing your little heart into an oblivion where the gleaming man tells the  truth and being half a man feels fulfilled.   You left– and I could only stand with empty palms, staring as you sang your demons to sleep only to lie among the ones you were breeding all along. A half life. A curse life. A life I’ll mourn out of your sight, for I could no longer stand to watch.

 It was their’s, when it was great then, The people that were once great, then A hand they gave, a hand they lend, For you to take, for you to blend You say you want, you want   to make it great again, America? But it was never yours, then When you arrived you were welcomed, Given , food and shelter,  You brought illnesses, slavery, and rape, To the people,  to the tribes; once friend Was this all great? Or do you pretend  How can something be great,  When tribes were genocide, by fate Wars fought of land that wasn’t yours,  As you brought racism, then hate And now you want to control,  the door Of this land that isn’t even yours For people will come for hope,  no more From people that lands lost, in war Those people will enter, no more How can that be great, for who,  People’s that land isn’t even their’s