#infinitellamallama a purple haired fox, walks. a world of llamas, he does not belong, standing out from the crowd he walks, head down, a llama walks towards him, a girl llama, a white llama she lifts his head up, so he knows he can belong, he bites her, she lick him purple is her heart, but they cannot belong, they may walk, but not forever. she loved him long, it’s wild but the world is bitter he becomes sour, so she wouldn’t he losses his world, devoured, she is his world, no longer what he did was for her, she is the only one, he loves

 My soul is well; I’m peacefully resting amidst Thee,  nested in the Palms of the Hands that molded me… Such an intriguing mystery… never the same!  You told my spirit to be, and I became.  You secretly wove the very essence of what I am.  Your Perfume blended with my DNA, impregnating my stem  from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet.  Your Heartbeat – the first song to my soul – honey sweet.   Your Voice was engraved in each fold of my brain.  Your Beauty lingers from every rainbow You drew with Your fingers without the rain.  Thank You for helping me see that, through YOU, there is nothing imperfect in me!

Nasser and Aliyah met each other for the first time at a picnic hosted by a mutual friend. Aliyah impressed by Nasser’s acts of helpfulness and altruism, she asked her friend Nasreen who is the guy with a willingness to bend.Too soon did Aliyah know, Nasser was more than altruistic, his way with words whispered into her ears. Salamu Alaikum, would you like some pink lemonade or ice tea? I don’t serve alcoholic beers. Nasser was confident, self assured. He thinking to himself, What do I have to fear. Aliyah contemplating at that moment, Is it possible that Nasser and I might be a couple to be and me his dear.Aliyah’s fantasy didn’t last long. The picnic on a sunny day ended with she and Nasser in a courtship that couldn’t go wrong.Their coming to know each other for marriage was effortless. Together Nasser and Aliyah went to different places and they talked about many things – from where they would live if they married and moved to how they would raise children so they wouldn’t be rude.Nasser and Aliyah’s courtship was taken seriously and their days were fun. They laughed at each other and felt happy eating ice cream while sitting under the sun.Their families pleased, both set of parents consenting to Nasser and Aliyah’s decision to wed, reminded the couple who were also committed to courtship rules to wait until after their wedding day before making love in bed.A year after their first encounter, Nasser and Aliyah’s big day appeared. The couple was thrilled, so were their family members and friends. It was an intimate and joyful occasion, Nasser in a tux with a well groomed beard. Nasser and Aliyah’s wedding day brought happiness and contentment to their hearts. As they held hands at the alter and hugged each other close, they vowed never a day they would be apart.Smiles shining on the two couples faces bright, Aliyah…

Amazingly for this magic “Soul Restore” recipe all I needed was true solitude, real silence, and authentic self love… Miraculously You muted my words and my thoughts so I can clearly hear Your healing and powerful messages. After You stripped me of my appalling pride driven from self-pity, You washed me with the glorious shower of Your tough Love. I was able to see all that toxic dirt running off of my naked heart; shocked with disbelief being faced with my hoarding, overwhelmed with gratitude for the heavy weight gone, rinsed with cleansing tears…I asked myself “Was I really all this?!” I learned that passion without wisdom and self- control is a killer, burning like wildfire… suffocating, devastating, love without humility is no longer love, is just a strong feeling, addictive like a drug; like a parasite it likes to feed on kindness, clinging on anything that’s good, like useless weed… many words make noise, but only a few are worth being heard, and that obsessive thoughts of fulfilling pleasure are like poison, slowly eating the flesh melting the bones like burning candles. Thank You for handling me as if I am one of Your most precious gardens, my Wonderful Celestial Gardner! Burned to the ground…needs like weeds gone and wrong desires like wildfires killed… this raw mud, fat with Loving, Healing and Forgiving Kindness, is ready to give rise to an Eden abounding with Living Trees, Fresh Springs of True Love, Crystal Streams of Real Beauty, Tasty Fresh Air like up in the Mountains, Silence only interrupted with Songs of Praise and Words of Divine Inspiration, and with the Glory of a Whole New Creation!              

I wasn’t captured by your skin or by the glory of your age, but by your smile that beamed within, unlike a role played on life’s stage, out through your eyes. I saw your soul, I saw your heart, the dreams that tore yourself apart, and thought my love would mend the whole and heal your pains. I heard your thoughts, I felt your words, grew wings like angels, wore my crown, and vowed our Love a garden fresh like when it rains. But on the way I lost myself, I lost my crown and lost my map; I was knocked down but got back up. I am your Goddess and for you I’ll always rise! Been tested through the walk of shame, tasted the guilt, and took the blame, but after all I know Our Love is Hall of Fame!   Waiting with faith for your return, I love my dreams and dread my life; this passion that I burn inside is lava brighter than the stars. Oceans of love dance with my shores, your eyes, like sun, shine through the rain, your breath on me like summer breeze, won’t be in vain. 

                                                             Never would of known   Never would of known that the person you love would say the words you never tought he would say I sit back in think is this love or is it just a game of tag never would of known that the heart would be this hard to share never thought love could be funny so the words you said made me feel like I was never their the moments we had wasnt real so now im all alone wondering what the hell I was thinking to be the main character of a movie that was a fairytale so I pick up my pen in the ink im using is all gone because I never would of known that this wasnt real…     by your one & only MONIQUE  

Rain is Heaven…..blessing Mother Nature……..Her smile is so far away…….my picture of her……holds my nheart…..as if it’s in her hand………She is Love…….If I could only share my thoughts of her……I don’t know if she’s unconcerned or unaware of her beauty……Her Smile is now my Life…..she knows now….I’ve whispered in her ear

Rain is Heaven………..Blessing Mother Nature………….Her smile is so far away……..my picture of her……..holds my heart…..as if in her hand………………….SHE is LOVE…………………….if I could only share my thoughts of her…………..I don’t know if she’s unconcerned….or unaware of her beauty…………….Her Smile is now my Life………she knows now…….I’ve whispered in her ear

I’ve been waiting to regain his attention. I got what I wanted mentally. We talked about meaningless things and laughed about nothing. I was very observant of him today. His eyes are so beautiful but not the type of beautiful you write poetry about, more like the ones you’d paint and let the poetry be created within the colors. Their green with speckles of blue that make you think of the comfort of your bed, his eyelashes could remind you of the nicest cool breeze on an unbearably hot summer day. His hair is getting longer, long enough to reach the tips of his lashes but he flips it in a way that they never meet. His teeth are perfect, like sickly perfect. Their even and white, he loves so smile with them. He smiles when he looks at me or when I get closer to him. His hands are rough, he fixes bikes but has mechanic hands, I love those. His knuckles look as if hes been beating a punching bag for weeks. He hugged me, he had his hands at my waist, when he let go I could still feel them there. I choked up when he told me he’d see me tomorrow. I didn’t want him to go.