You can hear him in the early morning. He’s conducting classical lessons with the birds swarmed around him, listening in   on trees. The air he so freely breathes, filters through his lips and is released as this harmonious melody. He has no need for a violin with strings or   any instrumental tool, a real musician would seek. These birds were fascinated by his innate ability to conjure the same sweet sounding noises, such as the   ones they to, can squeeze through their own beaks. It is ironic to see that this poet has more in common with the flying creatures he see’s than with his own humanity.

How can something so broken be fix. I have a tool box but where do I start. My heart is so broken every tool I have wont help. Its been lied to, Its been stepped on, Its been punched so many people then use it and gave back. Where is the glue I found a little piece but thats not all i need. I cant count how many nights I went to sleep crying because Its buried so deep. Its yelling and beating but can anybody hear it. Im looking for this one piece that say love where is my glasses so I can find it oh yeah I forgot they broken. I scream loud because Im broken hearted. I hear water running but how can I stop it what  tool do i need. Its not a tool that i need its a shoulder that I need because I cant stop the tears. As a child I use to cry for my mother beause without her I wasnt complete. Its something that she got thats why I always need her with me. Love is so strong I try to be careful when I say it. I love hard I then spread it so much I forgot the meaning of love. The word heart is five letters how can something  with so much meaning be broken in so many pieces. Like Brandy say and her song broken hearted lets start over how can I start over when I dont have all the pieces to this broken heart of mines. Like the song sung by Tasha Cobbs break every chain how can I break every chain when Im so weak from carrying everybody burdens. I heard the chains falling but are they my chains. I fought another piece trust. Where do I start do I start from friends turning they backs cause I dont know how to react from smoking weed or taking a…

How can something so broken bwe fix. I have a tool box but where do I start. My heart is so broken every tool I have want help. Its been lied to, Its been stepped on, Its been punched, so many people then use it and gave it back. Where is the glue I found a little piece but thats not all I need. I cant count how many nights I went to sleep crying because its buried so deep. Its yelling and its beating but can anybody hear it. Im looking for this one piece 

  The Destruction of YouthHe was an avalanche from the start but you threw yourself in front of him. How painful it was to watch you- overcome with the cold of his being. It didn’t take long for you to stop being you, and just become an extension of him. You were no longer my friend no matter how hard I tried to fight this notion. You drank from his poisoned well, and you may have well just drowned in his ocean of bullshit. Such fabricated bonds are the ones that should break at the most delicate touch. But you’re not the kind of girl to let things break so easily. So you glue and glue until everything feels whole again. “Of course it won’t happen again”. “He loves me I, know he does”. “I can’t live without him”. If only you knew you had stopped living three years ago when you got into this mess. You thought it would be so simple- but old friend, it’s not that easy. He’s a boy with such tricks to play on the woman he is so desperately enamored with. He needs you, more than you would ever need him. But it’s the need that keeps you here, down in the depths of hell. You hold yourself responsible for him, instead of letting him try to get back above the surface on his own. You’re his everything, quite literally- and he’s become yours. Your heartbeat, your logic, your soul, the only reason anything makes sense. He’s all that, and you became nothing- withered away by his destruction.

housed within mine impenetrable hermetically sealed invisible bubble    draped with blackened Hades hued habiliment therein dwelt sinister saboteur mastermind marauder of the Hubble    who demanded sacrifice to traverse river styx with unadulterated gelt          which known phantasmagorical double    whose piercing fiery ocular presence unseen but felt   thine true self amidst the aftermath from Armageddon rubble    astride charred global ruins entire civilization did melt entire planet prognosticated by Maya sages with 11th hour stubble    birthed this Darth Vader nemesis with evil upon earth he did pelt annihilating mankind, the derelict species that fueled trouble    hence evil twin appointed apocalyptic malevolence spelt    with mass crematorium desecration left horrific blistering welt!   countdown to homo sapiens extinction predicted millenniums in past    to haved occured December 21 two thousand and twelve after common era whereby catastrophic spark detonating inferno incinerating blast    eradicating extant flora and fauna bereft sans hegira with no means to interrupt the die since the dawn of civilization cast.   impossible to escape ominous predetermined fate of human rat race nor turn back hands of time with origin of species on clock face thus ticking closer to hour of doomsday without faith to brace allowing, enabling and providing Gaia to redeem terrestrial space vestiges of teeming billions soon erased criminal minds without a trace forcefully relinquishing  simians planetary stranglehold amazing grace proffering tabula rasa for another dominant species to claim the place.   sirens promulgate emergency toward impending inescapable cataclysm    yet no place to run or hide lest one boards a rocket light-years away which makes suspense thrillers birthed by John Grisham    enviable plot to keep total Earths’ destruction at bay.            


  The first person I can remember disappearing was my Uncle Phil.  I remember him taking me to the zoo  The gorillas were my favorite.  I would sit on our side of the glass for hours watching them  pressing my snotty 5 year old nose against the glass,  arms waving relentlessly,  desperate to get their attention.  One day,  a silver-back sauntered over to the glass and sat across from me  I remember the sun glimmering off of his fur reflecting off of the wonder in my eyes  i sat silently and put my hand to the glass  on the other side, the gorilla did the same  I remember looking over my shoulder, hoping that someone had seen.  my uncle stood behind me with a camera tears welling in his eyes.  He took me home and promised to get that picture printed one million times,  per my request.  My little face beamed for a week.  A year later, Uncle phil and Uncle Alan broke up.  I didn’t understand what that meant at the time  I remember being confused  asking my mom what that had to do with me.  Uncle phil came to see me less and less until he didn’t come at all.  That was the first little crack in my heart.  the first time I realized that loving someone didn’t mean they stayed.  Since then,  most people I loved have disappeared.  when I was 11,  I wrote in my journal that my family was like a magic show  that one minute they were there, and the next they were gone.  But as i grew older, I realized that it wasn’t magic at all.    My dad was violent  his rage tore down the walls of my home like a tsunami  my mom sat in the flood that he left,  asking herself how she got there  how she could get out.  I don’t remember much of my childhood  Whenever I try…

MILLION YEARS AGO   Time doesn’t wait for No one I was always known for procrastinating When time was by our side But as you go so does time go It is no waiter, waiting for your order Looking back I wonder what I did  An achievement- I could brag to my kids about But that was a million years ago   You can’t take or go back to time How you spend your time depends on how you manage it I wish I could’ve taken time seriously get better grades Go to a better school spend more time with my kids Live up to my dreams Something I never thought I would say, actually do my home work But that was a million years ago   Now I’m living up to my mistakes instead of goals My dreams are now story of mischief But time still goes and goes Oh it goes as fast as a train you can never catch up to it  Was time selfish or was I to myself But the worst thing about my regrets was living to impress others All I did, what I wore, I acted just to please others Others that I can see no more I should had just been myself and please myself not others- But that was million years ago   Mistakes and regrets are memories made Those that will always haunt us Though it might not sound old but all this happened Like a Million Years Ago.                                                                                                                            CLINTON O.

So many tears i’ve cried during the night tears of pain tears of sorrow tears of lust for my hatred i can not seem to stop these tears from overflowing i can not seem to stop these tears from coming everynight i cry so many tears because of what you have done to me everynight i cry these tears wondering what i have done to make you treat me like this these tears that i cry i will cry for the rest of my life these tears that i cry will never end these tears that i cry will always remind me of my place in this cold dark lonely world