No Exceptions!¡! She’s way more than I’d ever wanted, though she’s no-one I could ever save.!. She says no more of feel’N haunted, lows & highs are centre stage as a better phase.!. She wasn’t what I was seek’N, YET, since we’ve met she’s left me freak’N..! She fills my hunger, then tells me I’m not a number.!. It’s like, she’s aroused to see me slay.!. For her I’d starve til I behave..! For her I’d starve chills I begave..! And though she always takes me higher, she could never save me from the fryer.!. It’s all her ways that I admire, living pass the edge & so close to fire.!. Piss’D all my years & what I acquire, giving glass the sledge & boast who admire.!. I’ll forever be her patient, cause I’m impatient & she’s a rush str8 to the grave.!. I’ll remember being patient, with her patients & she’s pushed gr8 through the rave.!. She never chooses me, besides she’s so clever she loses me.!. She’s never through with me, besides if I let her she oozes me.!. Each time I’d take her, she’d take me and break me with no motive.!. Then I’d date her like she forgives & lie awake, like she’s not supportive.!. She’s been my company & my attorney on this journey, when nothing gives..! She’s once tried to drown me we keep no boundaries, except to the point of where no-one lives..!  She’s had me deal with intent to floss payments, you’d question me to declare she gives.!. She’s had me deal with agents & cross’D agents, who’d question me of where she lives.!? I must be dumb..! She’s never hurt, she preys to give.!. I must be numb..! I’m always hurt, YET prays to live.!.  

Resembling the kite, taken, snatched by strong winds from above, sailing the sky, gone you are…in a blink of an eye… The empty embrace leaves my body cold and craving for touch, as if I never held you, as if I never breathed-in your sweet spices breath. Stars from the heavens, as you call them, call you away from me; mesmerized and hypnotized, you follow them, leaving me behind and forsaken. Like the angel-shaped clouds which dissipate in just moments, the memory of us melts like snowflakes, and spills in the hands that were so terrified of letting go … only seconds ago. Fear and Pain, like Bonnie and Clyde, robb my heart and my mind, and my kidneys twist like a baby in the womb. Numb and forced to sleep, involuntarily I bite my lip until it bleeds and swells. You’re gone again, like the most delightful dream stolen by the reflection of the morning sun through the curtains… I miss Charlie!

Akiane Kramarik

"The Focus"

He said he wrote you as a Unique Verse, powerful in itself, as one magnificent fragment alive, part of the most beautiful poem ever written. He said He loves you endlessly, truly, unconditionally. His loving passion I felt  He has for you, filled my eyes with tears like healing waters running down my face, and like cleansing raindrops falling on my hands. Like Miryam of Magdala I washed your neck and your back in my tears, in His name, carrying my heart like a floating boat, letting it lose itself in You my verse. His love only fanned more fire into my love, while my body had to recede allowing my spirit to take the lead… He said: “Don’t be afraid, for I have redeemed you; I am calling you by your name; you are mine.  When you pass through water, I will be with you; when you pass through rivers, they will not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire, you will not be scorched — the flame will not burn you. For I am Adonai, your God, the Holy One of Isra’el, your Savior” All you have to do is receive what He has for you… not by might nor by power, neither by sight nor by the counsel of the blind and the dead inside, but by His Spirit will you be truly free… He said: “Let him test Me! … “My wisdom looks like madness for the world and no science, no religion can make sense of it…you need to open and receive it… through My Spirit!” ……………………………………………………………….. My love, I’m so in love with the spiritual love making, so pure, so selfless, so sublime… The love, the joy, the freedom and the peace…all paid through our most atrocious crime…   (Although I’m sad for the disturbing word, it seems the only fitting rhyme.)    Item image caption: “The Focus” by Akiane Kramarik painted in 2016 Item…

      Sweet Home My Earth In a bang we scatter Drawn together in force Banged by a friend flying by Though not far away but leaving us Brought us a gift it still control Looks back at me with disdain Due to no fault of mine Spoiled by those I have housed May be late to turn the tide They and I will path our ways Did not have to be this way The future is not for me to see. ~Joseph Edigin  

                                                            To Finding Comfort         Rising to the occassion has never been a burden, not even whiles enduring the world’s weight on both shoulders.!. We at times wobble through a twitch or twitch through an itch, just as long as we’re carrying our boulders.!. Love in the eyes of a fixed heart, is feeling like a dove in the sky as the pics start and you fall from that high, as you realize you’re sober.!. Like learning to fly is just a kickstart, from loving try after try a complex art, as our calls turns to cries as we’re older.!. Tomorrow we’re driven to division by a force not questioned but enforced, in a race with no brakes just glass boundaries.!. Sorrow is forbidden to be mentioned now the course of our intentions is remorse, in haste for stakes in the last of the countries.!. Few who had risen up to speak, from amongst the masses they were torn, making it a crime, to incite a revolution.!. A new horizon we will seek, though the last of man will not be born, shaping a time, we’ll coexist by evolution.!.

                                                             Until We Meet         Just know my soul’s been insisting, so my heart beats persistence.!. To finding that smile and that charm which would make me whole, in an instance.!. You’ve forever been the girl of my dreams and I need all your love, with no resistance.!. And though I have been searching this earth forever, I’ve procrastinated lots but never gave up.!. No matter how good or bad the weather or the times have beaten me up.!. Just knowing I would never feel this way for anyone else, keeps things looking up.!. Still I’ve never felt as though I was living, only being preserved for the next moment.!. And the emptiness is truly unforgiving, so I’ve hurt my partners like my opponents.!. And the guilt was never comforting, so I’ve silently hurt from moment to moment.!. So now that I’ve lost my sense of what hurt is, please allow me to bear our worries and pain if you would.!. See you’re the girl I’ve been saving my heart for, so to you I’ll be as honest and truthful as I should.!. Besides, you mean the world to me and you understand me perfecetly, though no-one else ever could.!. So though I know your heart’s like mine, there’s no need for you to tell me, its such a shame.!. That how badly I’ve long for your love and to give you all mine, can’t erase all the pain.!. For this is not as the little things in life, it’s rather the sweetest, like a stormy night’s rain.!

You just have to wonder why people then changes. What’s with the sudden wall between you? What’s with the smile that then was affecting you? What could’ve been if something happened on April 13?   There were many questions I wished you could’ve answered So many days I hoped you communicated So many nights I was sleeples And so many hours I spent thinking of what’s wrong with me.   Was there anything I ever did that made you unhappy? We were so close and I thought we were reely. I will never know what would happen that day Because you never gave me that chance to stay.   You said I pushed you back and you tripped, But haven’t you notice I already fell? And you were jerking around like I was the devil. Damn those days, I moved down to your level.   I could have faked everything and make you the bad guy But I was too gullible that even then I was yours You just have to happen and thinking what you want will be yours I’m so sorry if I ruined your peaceful life My messy one doesn’t really mind How you fooled and stabbed me from behind Because as I move on right now, You will just be the shadow I used to look at And you’re behind me now for every reason that comes up your mind.

Your Own Worst Enemy   Have you wondered where emotions go After they depart our inner core? How Does the heart sort through the lust   That lures us or the consuming anger Which devours the soul. What about The depression caused by griefs   Intercourse? These are merely a sum Of the feelings our brain has to formulate Before putting them into words. There   Can be no serenity if your purpose in Life speaks without sincerity. When Peace is missing from our lives the   World no longer becomes relevant To us, unless you stand up against Yourself without remorse.    

  Your eyes, They get so cruel when you’re jealous. Your smile, It fades when you’re mad.   I hate to admit but I like it. I like it when you’re being possessive, Like a kid who got won over by a candy, Like a child who’s about to cry to mommy, Or I don’t know, you maybe On not getting what you want.   I keep swallowing my laugh everytime I look at you, I keep pacing so you don’t see me smiling. I glance at you then I tell myself, ‘Now this is the man I wanna marry. No one else. Just him. End of argument.’   I confess, I hate it when its dark. I don’t see you. I can’t get a glimpse of you I wanna see your facial expression. But all I see is my shadow reflecting on you. Because all I see is the plain me when I’m with you.   Paparts, I can never be enough, I might never be, Will I ever be? Scratch that, whatever it takes, How long it will ask of me, All this that I’m feeling, Right now, I know this will be something.   I don’t make promises, you know me. But lucky you, I do hope you know. I try my best to do things in kitchen, It’s really not my forté but for you its okay, I don’t like hikes and rocks, but for you I’ll climb I’m not this dis-oriented to anyone, But when I’m with you, I always get out-smarted by you. Not that I feel dumb around you, But I feel like its okay not to know everything Because that is when you come along.   Making all the wrong thing seems right, Assuring me that everything’s alright, Insuring me of another day that I can have you And convincing me in every little thing you do, You love me, and that’s…