Courtesy         Courtesy should be ENcouraged NOT enFORCED..!         I’ve witnessed your beauty helping the blind to see, the deaf to hear & the cripple to walk.!. I’m taught, your beauty’s what saved me, as a baby me, way before I could talk.!. I’ve also seen your beauty shining on the faces of foes, standing toe to toe, saying; “Brother, I forgive you.!.” You’re quite a clever player and a flirt..! Only you never strike a heart to hurt..! Plus, I’ve heard some speaking giving praises to your name, as the reason not to blowout their brain.!. Some, either living well or in a deep dark-well & some living life in the House-of-Pain.!. Saying; “Lord..! Please, rid me of this pride & rage.!. I’m tired of paying, every time I’m ENraged & straying.!.” So its NO rumor, I’ve surrendered to your beauty like my perks, I’d give into your powers when it hurts.!. And if I try sometimes, I’m at the front of the line.!. But that’s truly cause, you ‘work as you lurks’..! Marking you as a known enemy to every injustice, who could stand to combat any of its malicious practice.!. So though it’s uncertain exactly how you got started, it’s probably not as important, as it’s sad, that you’ve missed many of our dearly departed.!. Furthermore, no one cares if you’re a religious or a political tactic, we’re simply happy to see you in the fight to help us stop all antics.!. Undoubtedly, you’ve always allowed me to stand the test of times and even if I was left behind, I had the best of times.!. To the point, you seem too perfect on every…

There I walksunlight reflecting on the ground underneathSpaces cold and spaces warmAn open place where freedom is feltI continue walkingmy casual stride unplannedAn atmosphere asking for nothing of usis where we find ourselvesCatching up quickly on concretehe offers me a flower on a Saturday afternoonFür dich Es ist eine BlumeA delicate pink carnation I now hold in my hand   By: Najwa Kareem

Lucky are those who don’t fit in the answers. Lucky are those who don’t subscribe to the rules. Lucky are those who never bend principles despite the violence of the hurricane.Lucky are those who are restless, but never tired. Lucky are those who spend nights out while everyone sleeps. Lucky are those who wake with a question and then go to bed with more questions.Lucky are those who search answers, but never claim to have found them.Lucky are those who don’t try to be normal, nor great. Lucky are those who are humble, but aware of the greatness of being alive.Lucky are those who searched the meaning of freedom and found it within them. Lucky are those who walk through dark winter nights but only have eyes to the blue skies on their horizon. Lucky are those who listen to the music as they dance alone in the wind.Lucky are those who write poems during the gravity of the fall.Lucky are those whose hearts whisper the desire for life in the moments that are lost.Lucky are we, the defiant.Lucky are we, for we don’t accept the song that was written for us.We write our own songs.We dance to our music.Lucky are we, who are alive, masterpieces of existence.For if life is a song, we dare play ours.

    Why The Sun Came Out Today       The sun has decided to come out today,   far from the children, it will not turn away,   for the happy faces it sees as they play,   brings out a smile, and pushes the grey clouds away.   It’s not hard to see why the sun loves the children,   it’s a warm sunny self reflection it sees.           Lorena R. Waters   December 10, 2010  

  Ballet Dancer       An elegant form,   you are standing still,   that my breath,   is taken away so much,   that my lungs without air,   cannot fill.       Your coal black hair,   tied tightly in a bun,   shines like polished coal,   that has been glazed by the sun.       Smooth strong stainless skin,   blended with pale,   shades of white,   like a strong marble sculpture,   a precious masterpiece,   what a sight!       Your pale pink rose dress,   made of smooth silk,   flows down,   and falls just above your knees,   swaying gently back and forth,   while you dance with ease.       A rare image you had to be,   to inspire a painter,   to capture you so elegantly.       It’s not hard for me to conceive,   how an artist would truly believe,   that a painting of you,   he had to leave behind,   a timeless image one could take,   into their heart and mind.       Now you will forever,   remain in my memory,   an image of mortal beauty.       Lorena R. Waters   August 10, 2010.    

    Four Seasons       A white and black butterfly fluttering in mid-air,   on a pale pink rose looking effortlessly fair.   I wonder if today it flew out of its cocoon,   and is happily exploring the world in June.       A gold summer sunflower covered in morning dew,   sparkles in sunlight against a sky canvass of blue.   Looking slightly sad its head is bent to the right,   from the winds cold pushes that it has tried hard to fight.       Tree leaves turning from green to yellow, orange and red,   their vivid colours in nature are randomly spread.   The temperature change is appreciated by many if not all,   a sign that it is the beginning to the end of Fall.       Cold winter surrounds you with snowflakes and soft snow,   makes you crave hot chocolate topped with a big marshmallow.   All of the windows and doors stay closed,   to an outside world that has been transposed.       Lorena R. Waters   July 21, 2010  

    Land Full Of Green       Living in a land,   all covered in green, full of natural beauty,   rarely unseen,this is what my mind thinks of,   during daylight,and what I dream of,   at night.Fields full of long grass,   up to your knees height,wildflowers, trees,   and blues skies in near sight.Clean and clear rivers,   where you can take a cool drink,or let your feet fall,   under soft waves and sink,to the softest sand,   coloured pale pink.Awoke to the sounds,   of singing birds,and caught them in flight,   as they soared upwards.They spread spots of colour,   across the blue sky,as they flew to find,   sweet nectar nearby.Fell asleep,   to the smell of wet cedar,next to a grey,   moss covered boulder.The wind swept sweet song notes,   in my ear,ones so bell-like,   beautiful, and clear.There are still places,   all covered in green,ones that are rarely unseen.It is not hard for me to believe,that all of my senses,   would say stay, do not leave,because a life surrounded by nature,   I would receive.Lorena R. WatersMay 3, 2010  

    The Lily Call       Three nights I woke up to a soft cold sweet call,   that trembled so slightly while sailing the wind.   It left me shivering so I put on my shawl,   and looked out the window, but saw nothing different at all.       Then one frosty December morning,   I began to walk along the old boarded pond,   eyeing the pale pink lilies blowing,   so effortlessly, just arms length beyond.       The lilies swayed softly as if to greet me,   and said “come sway with me on my deep emerald waves”,   so I responded to the lily and bent my head to agree,   that the waves were dreamy and mysterious,   like glistening underwater caves.       Then I took a deep breath and dove right in,   and the arms of the waves greeted me with such a smile,   that I felt a strong pulse vibrate from within,   as my body twisted and turned for a while,   then petals replaced my skin, and I turned into a lily, on the outside.       Lorena R. Waters   November 26, 2009  

      Lady Midnight           She sits by the glowing wine, lemon and sapphire fire,   waiting for the tired sun to set,   until sky’s colour has expired,   because it is hard for her to forget,   that even though she glows bright during daylight,   by night she is known as Lady Midnight.       When the world outside turns to black,   her lovely pale ivory skin begins to slowly fade away,   until her skin is left looking like tarmac,   a sign that it’s time for her to go on her way,   follow her heart and true spirit,   to enter the darkness that asks her to visit.       I don’t think I will ever know,   where her body and spirit goes as it flows.   Some have tried to follow her path,   but she never leaves a clear printed footpath,   so they are left cold and frustrated,   even though their curiosity has not ended.       It is said that her beauty is so rare,   that when the night saw her for the first time,   he crowned her his Lady Midnight with much care,   and ever since then, she has walked in the night well aware,   and continues to thank the night, for the other life he gives,   this opposite life, she now lives.       Lorena R. Waters   November 25th, 2009   (fantasy poem)    

  Willow Tree Dance For me   (poem/song)       I was flying during a stormy late night,   and was tired of fighting the wind,   so I decided to take a rest,   to gaze upon the sweet flowing willow.   Swaying to the song of the moonlight,   I wished to ask,       Willow tree please dance for me,   I’ve waited so many nights,   to see your ambling arms,   sway to the song of the glowing moonlight.       When I first saw your soft leaves sway,   my body froze to my mind’s shocked delay,   my heart could not ask,       Willow tree please dance for me,   I’ve waited so many nights,   to see your ambling arms,   sway to the song of the glowing moonlight.       My dark deep ocean eyes,   were fixed on your body shifts,   and my attraction I could not disguise,   so I took a risk and asked,       Willow tree please dance for me,   I’ve waited so many nights,   to see your ambling arms,   sway to the song of the glowing moonlight.       So she looked in my eyes,   with flooded tears and surprise,   that this winged creature would ask,       Willow tree please dance for me,   I’ve waited so many nights,   to see your ambling arms,   sway to the song of the glowing moonlight.       Then she lifted her arms,   filled with playful delight,   and danced for me throughout the late night.   Then she said from then on,   I would never have to ask:       Willow tree please dance for me,   I’ve waited so many nights,   to see your ambling arms,   sway to the song of the glowing…