Gwo~Bwapen         Pour belle Gwo~Bwapen mwen, my R.O.D.!. Truth be told, you ain’t ever been told.!. Oui pluis passer un belle Gwo~Bwapen, you’re my G.O.D.!. Et un kali mwen, you’re Green-Gold..! From first-sight, first-touch, my heart & soul went cold, to give much wanted heat, to an unwanted coal.!. Cause Gwo~Bwapen, you look good & roll hard but barely feel ripe.!. And that’s tricky.!. Plus I’d search my neighbor’s yard, if you roll outta site..! Ask Ki-Ki..! And since your icky-sticky mek my belly gripe..! Is nah foh me..! I’ll set you in a box face-down safe outta sight.!. That’s lock & key..! And irony’s to think I found you in the wild & did expect a weird taste, when instead you turned out to be the sweetest..! Now you’re all I’d ever chase & you could never be replaced, simply for your uniqueness.!. Gwo~Bwapen, you’re a perfect in & out of your tree, I always want you inside me like my pride & dignity.!. Gwo~Bwapen, thank you for all that you’ve given me..! You’ll remain my choice always, even if you’re not given to me.!. Gwo~Bwapen you keep saving my face with your grace, to ensure I have a bite, even when I’m not at my place.!.  You make my hard days seem easy to forget, both when you’re fried or boil’N in your own sweat.!. And Gwo~Bwapen, know you could never pick me, yet only you can fill my appetite.!. And I hate to touch that coal cause it’s filthy but I’ll use it to get you right then my teeth WHITE.!.

                                                                           A.Y.E         You see the moon as a hot-air balloon, so you forever live fearful of a joyride.!. I see every blank-page as a well arranged room, well arranged rooms for you to walk in pride.!. But like an ocean of mixed emotions, you stir the erosions which creates a landslide.!. Since, your thoughts are like the clouds in the sky and they could be head’N anywhere, as no-one knows your intentions.!. Whiles, your good deeds are like the rocks in an ocean, if seen, they would surely be too many to mention.!. Reason your smile’s like a blind corner at the bottom of a steep-hill, such a beautiful & mysterious thrill.!. Same way your time’s worth diamonds & pearls, though your wrath’s felt like a plague of impoverishment to my world.!. Believe a teardrop from your eyes can cool the sun, or be the lava to melts Saturn’s rings.!. Doubt every lie & fear which falls from the tongue and be ice to numb a bumblebee’s sting.!. Never let a good dick get to your head, put flowers in your hair & thorns in your bed.!. Always remember to forgive the good chick who lives in your head, whose dreams could have been torn had her powers been dead.!. As you may one day bare a son woh’s fair & sits upon a throne, though not every home is still built by stone.!. Yet, I’m upset we’re in a race to share our love like doves, like the turtle who races the boy to spread joy.!.                 igy..!

I know I could never call him my own, but seeing his passion makes me feel home,  for I spent a lifelong of soul- searching and dreaming,  yet never been living or felt so alive, revived by the love I see he’s been giving.  I shelter his heart in my still adoration ; such sacred wildflower I could never uproot,  not wanting to hurt it with my worldly temptation. ..and the spirit from its body one should never elute.  Million scents could arouse all my senses taking me high to unequalled emotions, but unbeaten remains his perfume like incenses burned and adorned in holy devotions.  Not flawless his beauty nor shaped with perfection, yet no one could ever be more in my sight, his presence, his voice, his graceful affection brighten my sunshine moonlighting my night. 

Painting my feelings with colors stemmed from my solar plexus, deep sensing the warmth of his words dripping down through my chest, like dew mixed with morning sun, fresh with hope and flavor from his lips; honey like, burning my heart like hot spices. I’m painting my drunken in love soul… LOVE is your name! In your name we live and we die, and everywhere you are there is beauty. Goddess, be my sacred gift to my Prince! You are muse and music; you are timeless, ageless, never early and never late. Courageous and kind, you are the most desirable woman, and yet you never seek attention or rewards. Your mesmerizing presence captured me for eternity. LOVE, my love, let him drink your liquor, quench his thirst and comfort his lips burnt by desire. Hold him tenderly, gently, silently and let your heartbeat be the music of his songs. Let him soak his tearless eyes in your spectacular beauty. Get him drunk with the perfume and taste of your luscious body. Seduce him with your love making like the sailing of a hidden ocean above the clouds and thunders of a summer night rain, fierce and magnificent, cuddled with the infinite blanket of the stars above. Be his Mermaid! Amaze his mind and arouse his soul with your boldness. Amuse and incite his heart with your wit and your wisdom. Nourish his spirit with the bouquet of your ceremonial wine, lay him down in your garden and bathe him in your mystery. Caress his hands with your lips, wrap his flawless body with your seductive curves and satisfy his lust with the fullness of your exotic juicy fruits.   You have my blessing! LOVE, be his Princess!

                                                              To My Dearest         Just know my soul’s been insisting, so my heart beats persistence.!. To finding that smile and that charm which would make me whole, in an instance.!. You’ve forever been the girl of my dreams and I need all your love, with no resistance.!. And though I have been searching this earth forever, I’ve procrastinated lots but never gave up.!. No matter how good or bad the weather or the times have beaten me up.!. Just knowing I would never feel this way for anyone else, keeps things looking up.!. Still I’ve never felt as though I was living, only being preserved for the next moment.!. And the emptiness is truly unforgiving, so I’ve hurt my partners like my opponents.!. And the guilt was never comforting, so I’ve silently hurt from moment to moment.!. So now that I’ve lost my sense of what hurt is, please allow me to bear our worries and pain if you would.!. See you’re the girl I’ve been saving my heart for, so to you I’ll be as honest and truthful as I should.!. Besides, you mean the world to me and you understand me perfecetly, though no-one else ever could.!. So though I know your heart’s like mine, there’s no need for you to tell me, its such a shame.!. That how badly I’ve long for your love and to give you all mine, can’t erase all the pain.!. For this is not as the little things in life, it’s rather the sweetest, like a stormy night’s rain.!

                                                               Love To Hate & Hate Loving         Love the world since our time’s paid-in-full..! Love everyone and beyond if you could..! Love’s a taste which brings joy to our hearts.!. Love has its ups & down pushes & pull..! Love is a light which shines bright as it should..! Love’s a sea of emotions from our hearts.!.   Why love to hate & hate loving.!?   Hate is our waste, neglect and abandoned pride..! Hate is the empowerment of control with no relief..! Hate’s an internal turmoil which ceases aspiration.!. Hate is our unexpressed fear we choose to hide..! Hate’s the fight which annulment’s to inflict greif..! Hate is an internal coil which defuses inspiration.!.   Why love to hate & hate loving.!?   Hate is a pitiful, senseless and worthless WAR.!. LOVE is the endeless possibilities we teach.!.         Thank-you #WakaFlockaFlame

It was the darkest part of my life. I have been wandering and I got no place to go. I have met several of them who I didn't know. They took me granted and wasted my purity. I should have known that it was wrong but I didn't care. I kept on taking that path and I blame you for taking me there. I wanted to end my life but I know if  I do that people will mock me. They will be happy so I continue though I was in pain and darkness keeps on eating me inside. I was numb then so sometimes when I am hurt and they are hurting me. It makes me feel alive. Sometimes, when I am in bed, I am thinking of you. Is It a sin to think of you when there are people, very precious people who involved. God forgive me because I can't control of what I still feel… that darkness. 

PrologueA long, long time ago in the land of Hermeria, there once was a prince named Ronald. He wasn’t very tall or spoiled, but his parents wanted him to marry. He had soft blue eyes that extremely stood out of his face. He had a lot of freckles and was extremely handsome with dark curly hair. One day, unexpectedly love had found him. He met Demeera, a stunning girl with black curly hair. He fell in love with her at once. To finalize their special love, he proposed. Demeera accepted and they were blissfully married. They ruled together and they were the most loved king and queen in all of the land. About two and a half years later, Demeera had discovered that she was expecting a child.One night, a hooded man with a black cloak came into the castle without notice. He did not identify who he was or why he was there, but he spoke to Ronald and Demeera.“Queen Demeera, something wonderful is about to happen for the both of you. But it will not bring the world happiness. Your family will never be safe unless you do something about it.” The man explained. Queen Demeera looked very alarmed and was beginning to worry.“What will happen?” Queen Demeera questioned.“Oh, I cannot say. I’ve said too much to you both already. I must be leaving, but remember, I will be back!” the man was quite old and had a gray scraggly beard but he had a kind face. He had small rectangular glasses and was a talented wizard. So, the small wizard vanished with a puff of white smoke.After another two and a half months, Demeera gave birth to twin girls. The king and queen of Hermeria sat with the girls in their arms, rocking them back and forth gently.“What ever did that hooded man mean? What will happen to our family?” Demeera asked Ronald.“I don’t know, sweetheart. All…