SsshhHhhssS         Riding through this world of an oyster, for the girl that loves a roller-coaster.!. To her I’ll say; “you glide”, even if she’s flown..! For her; I’ll stand aside, even if she roams..! The taste of her love, is my fatal attraction.!. I float in her love, like the words in a caption.!. Her presence is euphoric and arouses my smell..! I fall so deep in her love, I invoke a spell.!. I adore that she’s driven, beyond what words could tell.!. She’s the only star of my heaven and my love’s from a well..! I picture her in my mind all the time and behind every wall.!. I want her pictures as pictures of mine and on every wall..! She knows when I’m present and I’ve got her in sight.!. She vows she’s my present, now my love’s ignite.!. She needs my passion when she blushes, so I hold her tight.!. I give her all of my passion until she gushes, all through the night.!. I never grip her nor bind her, though she feels like she’s caught.!. I’ve once bit her to remind her, thought she never once fought.!. I sniff her body as I would a flower, then I exhale ever so slowly.!. She quivers and it excites me, as she holds her breath then me closely.!. I place my ear on her back, she’s still, yet I can hear her heart racing.!. I face the fear that she won’t look back, as she’s still unaware in the streets I’ve been chasing.!.

                                                                     Gwo~Bwapen         Pour belle Gwo~Bwapen mwen, my R.O.D.!. Truth be told, you ain’t ever been told.!. Oui pluis passer un belle Gwo~Bwapen, you’re my G.O.D.!. Et un kali mwen, you’re Green-Gold..! From first-sight, first-touch, my heart & soul went cold, to give much wanted heat, to an unwanted coal.!. Cause Gwo~Bwapen, you look good & roll hard but barely feel ripe.!. And that’s tricky.!. Plus I’d search my neighbor’s yard, if you roll outta site..! Ask Ki-Ki..! And since your icky-sticky mek my belly gripe..! Is nah foh me..! I’ll set you in a box face-down safe outta sight.!. That’s lock & key..! And irony’s to think I found you in the wild & did expect a weird taste, when instead you turned out to be the sweetest..! Now you’re all I’d ever chase & you could never be replaced, simply for your uniqueness.!. Gwo~Bwapen, you’re a perfect in & out of your tree, I always want you inside me like my pride & dignity.!. Gwo~Bwapen, thank you for all that you’ve given me..! You’ll remain my choice always, even if you’re not given to me.!. Gwo~Bwapen you keep saving my face with your grace, to ensure I have a bite, even when I’m not at my place.!.  You make my hard days seem easy to forget, both when you’re fried or boil’N in your own sweat.!. And Gwo~Bwapen, know you could never pick me, yet only you can fill my appetite.!. And I hate to touch that coal cause it’s filthy but I’ll use it to get you right then my teeth WHITE.!.

                                                                           A.Y.E         You see the moon as a hot-air balloon, so you forever live fearful of a joyride.!. I see every blank-page as a well arranged room, well arranged rooms for you to walk in pride.!. But like an ocean of mixed emotions, you stir the erosions which creates a landslide.!. Since, your thoughts are like the clouds in the sky and they could be head’N anywhere, as no-one knows your intentions.!. Whiles, your good deeds are like the rocks in an ocean, if seen, they would surely be too many to mention.!. Reason your smile’s like a blind corner at the bottom of a steep-hill, such a beautiful & mysterious thrill.!. Same way your time’s worth diamonds & pearls, though your wrath’s felt like a plague of impoverishment to my world.!. Believe a teardrop from your eyes can cool the sun, or be the lava to melts Saturn’s rings.!. Doubt every lie & fear which falls from the tongue and be ice to numb a bumblebee’s sting.!. Never let a good dick get to your head, put flowers in your hair & thorns in your bed.!. Always remember to forgive the good chick who lives in your head, whose dreams could have been torn had her powers been dead.!. As you may one day bare a son woh’s fair & sits upon a throne, though not every home is still built by stone.!. Yet, I’m upset we’re in a race to share our love like doves, like the turtle who races the boy to spread joy.!.                 igy..!

Life Each stage: the playground for unspoken tales… The team: Love, Passion and Hope…True Love never fails! Each life: the struggle throughout growing stages… The pain or the pleasure: our teachers through ages… My vision: an eyeful of life and a mouthful of beauty. My deeds born of Love and Wisdom, not duty! I love to embrace with my full heart engaged, And I’m loyal to learning even when I’m enraged, For the short flares of tears I won’t put side by side   With the joy and the pleasure of One Fabulous Ride!

Tie the strings to my life , my lord ; then I am ready to Go! Just a look at the horses rapidly racing, that  alone will do.   Put me in on the firmest side, so I shall never fall. For we must all ride the judgement , and its partly down hill.   But never mind the bridges , and never mind the sea. Held fast in an everlasting grace, by my fate and thee.   Good bye to the life I use to live , and the world I used to know. Kiss my kids for me, then I am ready to go.   My mother, I truly loved you , this I want you to know.  My Friends & Families , especially my wife. Do not stand at my grave and weep; for I am not there , I do not sleep. Do not stand at my grave and cry ; I am not there, I did not die.   Hey! I know that you’re sad &  blue; I do understand the pain you feel inside. But, promise me you will  have the courage, to get through this too. This much I beleive in you. Today and forvermore; I will live on in the hearts’ of many, not few!  

I know I could never call him my own, but seeing his passion makes me feel home,  for I spent a lifelong of soul- searching and dreaming,  yet never been living or felt so alive, revived by the love I see he’s been giving.  I shelter his heart in my still adoration ; such sacred wildflower I could never uproot,  not wanting to hurt it with my worldly temptation. ..and the spirit from its body one should never elute.  Million scents could arouse all my senses taking me high to unequalled emotions, but unbeaten remains his perfume like incenses burned and adorned in holy devotions.  Not flawless his beauty nor shaped with perfection, yet no one could ever be more in my sight, his presence, his voice, his graceful affection brighten my sunshine moonlighting my night. 

Chapter 1    Today is my first day at Mystic Falls High. New people and I think I see two of my child-hood friends.  Jeremy and Elena Gilbert. I’m going to catch up. “Hey, Katherine.” ” Hey Jeremy.” “I’m going to let you and Jeremy catch up. Plus you guys have classes together.” ” Bye, Elena.”, I said as she walked away. “Let me see your schedule.” I handed Jeremy my schedule. “How many classes do we have together?”, I asked. ” We have every class together.” ” Sweet.” We walked to class together and Elena and her friends were walking. One pf them were talking about the 90’s dance. Jeremy asked me if I was going and I asked with who. He asked me to the dance and I said yes. During lunch he found me at my locker and we ate together. After school he walked me home and we hung out for a couple hours. After we went to his house where I met, Tyler Lockwood, Caroline Fobes, Bonnie Bennett, Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore, and Matt Donovan. “Hey, Jeremy, who’s this?”, Damon asked. “My name is Katherine Petrova, I come from south Virginia.”, I said. “Wait Katherine Petrova?”, Asked Stefan. “Yes, you guys might know Katerina Petrova.”, I replied. “Yes, we know her Elena is her doppelganger.”, Damon said. ” I know. I’m her sister.” Everyone was shocked. ” Are you a vampire?”, asked Tyler. “No. I am not. My mother was a vampire.” “Cool, bet you’d be a hot vampire.”, Jeremy said. I blushed. “Thanks.  Why did you guys seem so shocked when I said Katerina is my sister?”, I asked. “She’s a vampire. She kills family.”, Elena replied. “Well, I didn’t know my sister kills, but I know Klaus and his family are in town.” ” They are?”, Caroline asked. “Yep. One of them goes to Mystic Falls High. She’s is in your guys’ grade.” “She’s a Junior?”, asked Matt. “Yes, her name is Rebecca Michaelson. She wants to have a normal life.” “Great,…

Painting my feelings with colors stemmed from my solar plexus, deep sensing the warmth of his words dripping down through my chest, like dew mixed with morning sun, fresh with hope and flavor from his lips; honey like, burning my heart like hot spices. I’m painting my drunken in love soul… LOVE is your name! In your name we live and we die, and everywhere you are there is beauty. Goddess, be my sacred gift to my Prince! You are muse and music; you are timeless, ageless, never early and never late. Courageous and kind, you are the most desirable woman, and yet you never seek attention or rewards. Your mesmerizing presence captured me for eternity. LOVE, my love, let him drink your liquor, quench his thirst and comfort his lips burnt by desire. Hold him tenderly, gently, silently and let your heartbeat be the music of his songs. Let him soak his tearless eyes in your spectacular beauty. Get him drunk with the perfume and taste of your luscious body. Seduce him with your love making like the sailing of a hidden ocean above the clouds and thunders of a summer night rain, fierce and magnificent, cuddled with the infinite blanket of the stars above. Be his Mermaid! Amaze his mind and arouse his soul with your boldness. Amuse and incite his heart with your wit and your wisdom. Nourish his spirit with the bouquet of your ceremonial wine, lay him down in your garden and bathe him in your mystery. Caress his hands with your lips, wrap his flawless body with your seductive curves and satisfy his lust with the fullness of your exotic juicy fruits.   You have my blessing! LOVE, be his Princess!

                                                                 A Far Away Land         In a visit to a far away land, from the brisk swooshing through weeds and a journey through ponds.!. On a missle like freighter where the cargo is bound, from the cockpit where you hear every tulip-bell that’s rung.!. Sits a happy and patient but no friend of a patient, alligator named Don.!. He’s mighty and fierce and to few he strikes a terror of a pain no one could erase, until they’re struck by his mirror.!. Though often mistaken for a log when he poses, as no one supposes there’s a log they would frighten.!. Yet he’s friends of the lawn-maker, the dweebler and skew and the champion of the leaping frogs too.!. His face is lit bright for its the dawn of the night and this visit comes long overdue.!. He smells of the flowers and roses he’s bit, as he dips with his fruits through the swamps of the meadow of the shallow but endless abyss.!. As he comes closer to A Far Away Land, there’s a mist in the air and a frost on the ground.!. There’s no footprints of dears or anyone all around..! So he’s wandering and turning and twisting and twirling, until his senses are unfurling but nothing’s been found.!. So he listens for an echo but its the silence that echoes, for there’s no one awake in A Far Away Land.!.