Edene Christensen, LCPC

I am a true “people person,” with a positive and energetic nature.  I bring a lot of energy to the counseling experience. I love methods that teach skills and help people experience rapid change. I like to work with people who have lost their energy for life, who feel stagnant and stuck. I can help them feel change quickly while still helping them work at their own best pace. At the same time, I use and recommend mind-body therapies, such as mindfulness-based stress reduction and yoga. With our stressful world, we need to experience more stillness.

My experience as a proud wife of 20+ years and mother of five, has prepared me with a special talent for working with men and teen boys. I have successfully worked with many men and teen boys who are initially very resistant to counseling but who struggle with anger issues, depression, and pornography and sexual addiction. You might say I “work comfortably with the uncomfortable issues.” I am good at motivating even the most reluctant client.

I earned my Master’s Degree from Northwest Nazarene University in 2013, specializing in marriage and family counseling.  Immediately after graduation, I ventured into building a successful private practice, with a continued focus on marriage and family systems. I maintain a strong belief that repairing family systems is a key for helping individual clients of all ages.  I often see men who come for help after the wife has given up on the marriage; they discover that repairing the marriage is a key to better mental health and wellness.  I am comfortable helping couples address problems with sexual intimacy.

As a high energy person, I love groups! More people, means more energy and more fuel for healing change. I offer many types of groups therapies.

 I worked at LDS Family Services as a counselor and an adoption casework until 2017. I continue to work with leaders and clients within the LDS Community.  I have extensive experience as a speaker at firesides and workshops on depression and anxiety, mindfulness, 12 step addiction with weight loss focus. To inquire about my services, please fill out the contact form below. (Do not include confidential information).