Meet Our Vendors

ALTHEA creates Chubbee dolls and key chains. The name Chubbee comes from the love of chubby cuddly little things.

BARBARA is a multi-talented artist that can do so many things. We currently carry her copper enameled earrings.

BECKY can restore most any kind of furniture and bring it back to life for the second time around. She also enjoys working with decoupage on wood creating signs, boxes and many other décor for around the house.

CAMILLE enjoys many aspect of crafting, but currently is focusing on Handbags, Totes, Adult and Child Size Aprons.

CHARLES creates wood turned items such as wine stoppers, pizza cutters, potato peelers and ice cream scoopers.

CRYSTAL enjoys creating jewelry from the blue mussel sea shell from our California coast and turns them into necklaces, earrings and bracelets and they are beautiful.

DANIELA AND DIMITRI come as a team both creating stunning cups, bowl, plates and many other ceramic items.

JACKIE makes one of a kind necklaces, bracelets and rings with crystals as inspirations. She loves dream catchers and you will find that inspiration in her jewelry.

KIM does an amazing job of creating stunning acrylic tumblers, wine glasses and mugs. Her attention to detail is something worth coming by the store to see in person.

LEE is a multi-talented artist that creates fine jewelry. He also supplies us with polished rocks, geodes and other gems for that inner rock hound in you.

LILI creates vintage inspired earrings and you will be hard pressed to find the quality of beads that she uses. Many come from Italy and other “secret places” around the world.

LIZI keeps our store filled with crochet donuts, pineapples, cactus, hearts, octopi, jellyfish and many more fun creations.

MATT enjoys experimenting in many different aspects of scented items; we currently carry his sea salt scrubs in gentle lavender, cedar woods and citrus orchard.

NANCY likes to keep busy and enjoys creating warm and cuddly fleece blankets made for all ages.

PAM provides our store with the perfect succulents in all sizes. She is also an expert quilter and enjoys making small baby quilts.

PAT is new to the store and is currently supplying our store with great one-of-a-kind cotton fabric coasters.

PEGGY has been painting for well over 30 years and is an expert on painting on glass. She supplies our store with beautiful glassware that is dishwasher safe.

SHARON is an expert seamstress and enjoys working with candy skull fabrics that she turns into aprons for your everyday cooking needs.

TERESITA has been creating wooden signs for years and we are lucky to carry hers in our store. Stop by and see the signage as it is always changing.

TRISH is our handmade card artist, and what beautiful work she does. Her cards are so affordable and her cards are one-of-a-kind for that special someone.